Very Belated Answers

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Eh! I forgot about these questions! Sorry!

Dear Karen

How is it approaching maturity? What are you experiencing? What is changing?

Thank you for your answer. *hugs* Wish you well, and hope it is over soon for you…


Karen replies:

Well, it’s not the most comfortable thing in the world. I’m really restless, yet I’m tired all the time – especially when I try to use my abilities. Psychic growing pains I guess. I’ll be glad when it’s done. It’s picked the most inconvenient time, though I won’t deny I could do with the power boost it’ll give me.

Dear Matthias or anybody who knows and can answer

What is this maturity and what is so special in approaching it? What are the effects etc.? Could you please explain it more detailed? (if possible…)

Thank you


Matthias replies: As Karen said it’s a lot like a psychic growth spurt. As Astrals grow up their strength increases gradually until they hit a point just before adulthood when there is a sudden increase in their power levels. It happens fairly quickly but for the brief period while it’s happening it overwhelms their system making it harder to use their abilities. Once it clears though you’ve attained your adult strength and will never get any stronger without artificial augmentation.

Doctor Sarah Tyler adds: This is of course assuming the Astral in question has had occasion to use their abilities – consciously or not – otherwise their abilities tend to slowly die down until they become what we would call a “false ember” (as opposed to a “true ember” which is an individual born with a single weak affinity. Precognitive dreams is the most common). Matt did a good job of keeping the correct channels in his kids’ minds opened so they didn’t follow that route.

Matt interrupts: I don’t think become a “false ember” is a risk for Resonants.

Sarah nods: You could be right. Anyway, those who will become false embers usually have one last flare up around what would be their maturity and it’s their last chance not to become one. Obviously such people are usually Wilds. We keep an eye out for them.

Matt continues: When a Resonant hits maturity they also have their first shift into their resonant form at the culmination. That tends to be the most uncomfortable part of the experience. Karen and the others should hit it soon.

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  1. mjkj says:

    Wow, thank you all for the answers.

    I just hope they will all make it through soon – and have forms they like to shift into.


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