A Request To My Regular Readers

February 7th, 2011  |  Published in News  |  5 Comments

Dear Regular Readers,

I know you’re out there. I see you in my stats. Not many of you comment, but that’s okay. People don’t like to comment – this is hardly news. Simply knowing you that enjoy my stuff enough to come back week after week keeps me writing. I really do treasure you all. 😀

But I’d like more readers (what writer wouldn’t). So, I want you all to do me a favour if you can. Help me find new readers, please. I advertise, and it helps but ads cost moolah. I can only afford so many. Word of mouth from people who like your stuff is even better.

There are multiple ways that you can do help with my new reader drive.

  1. Do you have a blog or other web site? Mention/Link The Dragon Wars Saga on there, or drop me a comment or email and let me guest blog. An added benefit of this is that I’ll link to the post bringing you more traffic as well.
  2. Do you have friends (both online and offline) who share your taste in fiction? Share this with them like you would a book. You’ll have someone to gossip with about the latest developments.
  3. Vote on Top Web Fiction. You don’t have to register just click through and fill in the captcha to prove you’re human. And don’t forget if you vote you can ask any character a question. (For now, anyway, I’m going to be polling on potential other incentives soon).
  4. Root out the tropes and post them at TV Tropes! But beware that site is addictive!
  5. Write a review explaining why you like The Dragon Wars Saga on one of the Web Fiction Directories below:

Yes, I know this one is a hard one for people, since these sites require registration and that’s a bit of a chore, but if you can manage it I’d be really grateful. Honest reviews are a great source of new traffic. Think of it like reviewing a book on Goodreads (if you’re on Goodreads).

Again, I really do treasure you all and if you can’t help spread the word, that’s okay, but I hope that you will. After all, we all like to share things we enjoy, don’t we?

Thanks for reading!

5 Responses to “A Request To My Regular Readers”

  1. mjkj says:

    *goes over to vote*

  2. Tom_D says:

    This is a pretty compelling piece of fiction. I found your story while voting for the AUD site. This will now be one of the sites that I check regularly. I have been reading your story since I found it yesterday and am trying to get caught up with it, although I enjoy not having to wait for new installments at the moment.

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