Voting Incentive Week Nine answers part 1

August 10th, 2010  |  Published in Dragon Wars Background

Feline Royal asks:

a question to the dragons:

since you are shapeshifters, is there a form that is easier to achieve and to maintain than others?

Halia replies:

Yes, our two favourite forms are our dragon form and our human form. Dragon because it’s big and intimidating and very useful when need to travel long distances quickly but can’t teleport for some reason. Human because it’s comfortable and perhaps the easiest of all forms for us, and hands are really useful things. We can take other forms, but rarely do outside of competitions. Our hunger or our eyes usually gives us away so subterfuge is out and there’s few other reasons to take other forms. I did shift into a beetle once to get through a gap when I didn’t dare discorporate.

Sentior asks:

Dear Feliaria,

I was wondering, if the Kinstrari raid your homes and convert your children, are the Kithreiri much weaker? I would expect you to do everything in your power to protect your children, so why is training Lydia all you seem to do,and why haven’t we seen any other member of the Kithreiri help yet?


Feliaria replies:

That’s an interesting question.

On the whole we’re no weaker than the Kinstrari and we have the same breadth of power and skill. The reason you don’t see much of us is that we don’t live in either Taloa or Talonyka. We have our own place Kithrada, that’s where the Kinstrari raid. The ones who raid us that is – not all of them do.

Nine times out of ten we see them off, but they are clever and patient and not above feints to draw us away fromtheir target or watching for a child on his or her maturity quest. When they do grab someone we will try and get them back, but we’re not always in time.

(author’s note – there’s more to it but that would be spoilery)

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