Dragon Wars Saga Arc Four: The Torn Sky Chapter Fifty Six Part Thirteen

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“Okay, so that’s two places in the other world which we need to visit after the meeting,” Matthias said. “But we do need to get this done first.”

“Get what done first?” Lydia asked.

“The reason all the families are having ally meetings tonight,” Matthias said. “And the reason Laxmi is here. Darlryan has sent word through Kiataran while you were sleeping that he’s ready to try using the staff to close the crack tomorrow. He’s certain Xantaria will try and stop him and he wants us to be ready both to run interference and deal with any attack she might launch on Earth in an attempt to distract him.”

“Our dragon allies are going to deal with the void side and we’re going to deal with guarding him on this side,” Sonia said. “Which means we’re all going to Scotland again.”

“Scotland?” Lydia asked. “Oh! He has to use it where Emms did the damage in the first place?”

“Exactly!” Sonia said. “Do you think you’re up to it?”

“Oh, yes!” Lydia said eagerly. “I want a piece of her hide for what she did to me.”

“She probably isn’t,” Lyrrekka said. “Her essence will still be raw from the tansformation. She should wait a few weeks at least before fighting anyone.”

“You are not leaving me here,” Lydia snapped. “For one thing what if she comes after me again and I’m on my own? I definitely can’t fight her on my own. She has an alarming habit of outflanking us.”

“She’s right there,” Kiataran said. “She shouldn’t fight but she does need to be with us, unless you have somewhere else safe to leave her.”

“Hmm.” Matthias looked thoughtful. “I think I do. We’ll see if he’ll let her stay after we finish here…” He trailed off and rolled his eyes to ceiling. “Yes, Carrie, you can come in.” He waited while a hazy figure appeared in the corner of the room. “We were just discussing our battle plan for tomorrow.”

There was an amused snort from the hazy figure. “That I picked up immediately, Matthias, but it’s not actually why I availed myself of the agreement. My daughter had a premonition and I don’t hate you enough not to warn you.”

“Joanne had a premonition?” Adrian said. “That’s not good. Her gift is so weird.”

“Useful though,” Carrie said.

“What’s weird about it?” Julie asked.

“Joanne only has premonitions about things no one else sees,” Adrian said. “I mean sometimes they see them later but she’s always either the first or the only. The teachers said her mind works on a slightly different level or something. I didn’t really understand the explanation.”

“Ah,” Julie said. “Yes, that happens sometimes. What did she see?”

“It wasn’t very clear to her but she thinks Xantaria will go after Andrew in particular, for some reason, and advised that you… and this is a direct quote… leave him in the same place as you’re going to leave Lydia if you want him to live through tomorrow.”

“Ugh.” Andrew said.

“It’s likely wise,” Kiataran said. “We know Xantaria might target him.” He hesitated. “But I’m not sure the plan will work without him. Lan, could you call him and ask him to come here? We need to discuss this with him.”

“Is that okay?” Laxmi asked. Once Matthias nodded, she fished her phone out of her bag and dialled.


A/N:  Tentative release date for Haventon Born plus a poll.

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