Lord of The Wolves Chapter Five

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The next afternoon Colin’s head was still spinning from his conversation with Maelin and he toyed with the eggs and bacon Lucy set in front of him rather than eating them.

“I know it’s a lot to take in, cub,” she said after watching him for a moment. “But you need to eat up if you’re gong to recover fully from what your mother did to you.”

Colin looked at her before taking a bite of the bacon and chewing slowly. “I don’t know what to think,” he said. “I understand what he said about humans. I’ve thought for some time that the problem isn’t humans in general, though I didn’t realise the strixes were anything but a boogeyman to scare cubs with. And I understand what he’s trying to do but I don’t understand why he tells people like my parents something else or even why he tolerates them.”

Lucy gave him a warm smile and plopped what appeared to be a large milkshake down by his plate. “Their ideology is not entirely his doing, but religious fanatics make very good canon fodder and he’s going to need lots of that. Plus he’s looking for people like you who can see past that crap even though you’re raised in it. I don’t think he realised how far out of hand things had got while he was asleep. He only woke up about twenty years ago after his last fight with his sister.”

“His sister?” Colin asked. “You mean the blood traitor?”

“That’s her,” Lucy said. “Though he doesn’t call her that and he doesn’t take kindly to other people calling her that either.” She put her hands on her hips. “Now eat up and drink your protein shake. Maelin wants me to make sure you can get along with humans by getting you into a martial arts class. Have you ever interacted with humans in a non-antagonistic manner?”

“I- well- I used to sneak out and play football with some human kids when my parents weren’t looking. My mother caught me and…” He rubbed at his stomach where until Lucy healed him he’d had the scars from where his mother had clawed him.

Lucy hissed sharply. “Is that how you got those scars? Damn! That woman is out of control.”

Colin looked down. “I was more careful after that,” he said.

“But you didn’t stop?” Lucy ruffled his hair. “I like you, pup, and I’m not surprised that Maelin does as well.”

“Amy sneaks out too,” he said. “And she’s sloppy about it. I’m afraid for her now I’m not there to cover for her.” He hesitated before confiding in Lucy. “I think she may have got closer to her human friends than I ever did.”

“Amy is your sister?” Lucy asked.

He nodded and she scowled again.

“Right, as soon as you finish eating we’re talking to Maelin before I take you to the dojo,” she said. “We need to get the other pup out of there too before she gets herself killed.”


Maelin was sitting at at a computer with Jacob when they found him after Lucy had stuffed Colin with more food than he had ever eaten at one sitting, though she insisted it was a tiny meal. The Lord of the Wolves had a pair of headphones on and his head was tilted as he listened to something but he turned and looked at them as soon as they entered.

“It seems you foresaw something interesting, Colin.” He smiled warmly at him. “Trouble for the Court of Seasons is always a pleasing thing.”

From the delighted noise Lucy made she agreed with that assessment.

Maelin grinned at her. “Yes, I thought you’d approve.” His smile turned to a thoughtful frown. “Unfortunately it was very figurative so we’re still decoding it. But apparently that they are going to attack the Court of Hours. When you take Colin to the dojo see if Keran can get me an audience with the current monarchs of Day and Night.”

“I will,” Lucy said. “But my contacts tell me that both the Night Warrior and Herald have been associating with the local traitor pack. Those two can’t stand each other so it can’t just be a random thing – they have to be under orders. So they may not wish to speak with me.” Colin looked at her in surprise. She’d definitely stumbled on the word traitor there which was odd.

“They have?” Maelin raised an eyebrow. “That’s interesting. See what Keran knows about that as well if he’ll talk to you about it.”

“I will,” she said. “But before we go we need to talk to you about something. Colin is worried about his sister.”

“What about Amelia?” Maelin looked at him sharply. “You think your mother may hurt her?”

Colin nodded and with only the barest hesitation told Maelin what he had told Lucy.

Maelin listened and then nodded. “I can’t wait then. Don’t worry I’ll make sure Callie doesn’t harm her. But I need to decide which pack I’m going to bring into Haventon when I remove them.”

Colin didn’t intend to respond to that but somehow an answer burst out of him. “Aunt Rae’s.”

Maelin’s eyebrows shot up again. “Rachel would be a very good choice actually. I’ve been meaning to talk to her because she’s almost worthy of the inner circle. She’s the one who put doubts about your mother’s fanaticism in your head, isn’t she?”

“She still sacrifices people,” Lucy muttered.

“She does,” Maelin conceded. “But she does it as little as she can and she doesn’t enjoy it. She’d stop if I told her to unlike her damn sister who would turn on me if I tried that. Of course if I told Rachel to stop Callie would realise and try to kill her.”

“That’s true,” Lucy said. “But I don’t have to like it.”

“Indeed you don’t.” Maelin shook his head in amusement. “And you seldom do. I will go and talk to Rachel. When you bring Colin back from his class I want you to start teaching him to control his ability.”

Lucy gave a deep sigh. “I’ll try but you know I’m not a natural and I barely qualify as a seer at all. That was my sister’s gift.”

“Barely, but you do,” he said. “And the fact you have to concentrate to see means you know all the tricks Colin needs to learn. I know you can do it.”

Lucy flushed slightly. “Thanks, Maelin,” she said. “I just hope I prove worthy of your confidence.”

“You will,” he said. “You always do.”

Lucy’s flush darkened but she didn’t respond again, instead she took Colin’s hand. “Come on, pup let’s introduce you to Keran.”

“Hold up, Lu,” Maelin said. “Colin will need a key so you can take him in and out.” He tossed a small copper disc on a leather throng to Colin. “Keep that on you at all times.”

As he put the pendant on Colin realised Lucy and Jacob the others were wearing one as well.

“It’s a key like he said,” Lucy said. “You’ll see why in a moment.” She led him to the front door and opened it. Outside a manicured garden spread away from him fading into a wall of grey fog at the edges. Colin stared at the strange shifting fog and remembered the stories about Maelin’s abilities.

“We’re in the Mists!” he exclaimed. “That’s why I need a key?”

“Yes,” she said. “Maelin can use the Mists as well as any Mistwalker and it’s a great place for a den but the rest of us need a key to open the gate. Which is as easy as…” She led him up the path to a small gate. “…opening the gate.” Sure enough when they stepped through the gate they were no longer in the mists but instead standing on a normal street in bright sunlight. Colin turned and looked back at the house and found it like looking through water except for odd bits of it. He commented on that to Lucy and she frowned at him.

“Ah yes you can still see it can’t you? It’s a fire wrecked shell outside the Mists. As a quick lesson, try not to react to anything that looks hazy or as if you’re seeing it through water. Some things don’t like it when people can see them.” She pulled a set of car keys from her pocket and unlocked a bright blue Audi. “Come on, Let’s go.” She waited while he got in and put on his seatbelt. “I just hope Keran doesn’t have any traitors in his class at the moment. That could be troublesome.”

“Is he likely to?” Colin asked in surprise. He eyed Lucy thoughtfully, she’d stumbled over traitors again. “Why do you hesitate to call them traitors?”

Lucy flinched. “A story for another time, and yes it’s possible there will be. Keran is a Wodewose and part of the Court of Hours. He will take any supernatural who agrees to not attack their fellow students in class, outside of sparring obviously, and not to reveal themselves to his human students.” She gave a sigh. “That’s why I’m taking you tonight. There isn’t a full class and he likes to check out supernatural students one on one before he takes them on.”

“Oh,” he said. “I can do that.” He looked out of the car window at the scenery passing by and considered what she wasn’t saying. “Lucy, did you come from a traitor pack?”

“Yes,” she said shortly.

“Then how…” He trailed off. She probably didn’t want to talk about it.

“How did I end up here?” she asked. “He blackmailed me into serving him long enough for him to convince me to stay of my own free will.” The car paused at some traffic lights and she gave him a brittle smile. “I don’t mind telling you about it, but not now. It’s a really long story and as I said one for another time. It’s just always awkward when I run into my family and I’m going to have to deal with that tomorrow anyway. I don’t need it today.”

“What are they like?” he asked. “My mother always said the traitors were weak but Aunt Rae says they are just ideologically distinct.”

“And they haven’t killed enough of her pack without loss to prove their strength?” Lucy shook her head. “Calliope is a bigger fool than I realised. Your aunt is right. They aren’t weak. They believe that just because humans turned on us doesn’t absolve us of the duty to protect them let alone clear us to torment them like your mother’s pack does.” She drew up outside a rather tatty building that had a faded banner declaring it to be a martial arts school. “Here we are.” She unbuckled her seatbelt and got out of the car. “Come on I’ll introduce you to Keran.”

Colin sighed and followed her towards the building. He wanted to ask her more about the traitors but it was clear the conversation was over for now.

They were met at the door by a man whose pale skin had a greenish cast as if was covered in lichen and who had moss and ivy entwined in his dark hair. There was that blurred look to him that Lucy had said to not react to, so he endeavoured not to but obviously not well enough because the man grinned at him.

“Ah, Lucy! You’ve brought me a seer!” He sobered. “One of Maelin’s I assume.”

“Of course,” she said. “Don’t worry he’s a good kid. Maelin had to rescue him from his mother because he wouldn’t kill.”

“I knew you wouldn’t bring me a monster, Lu,” he said as he led them inside. “But I doubt your family will believe it and I’ve another student joining the class in the next couple of days and it might be awkward. Tanya is bringing her over, but probably not today.”

“What they believe about him is incidental, as long as she obeys the rules as Colin will,” Lucy said. “But I have another favour to ask you. Maelin wishes to petition the Monarchs of Day and Night to grant him an audience.”

“That’s a really big request, Lu,” he said. “Especially at the moment. We’re on the verge of…” He gave Colin a sharp look. “Ah! That’s why you’re asking. You already know The Court of Seasons is threatening us. It’s still a larger request than you realise, old friend, because I doubt you know why. The Court has got tangled up with your family. I’m not sure how much I should tell you.”

“I knew the latter as well, but the two things are related?” She gave him a firm look. “You know I’ll find out anyway.”

Keran gave her a long look then sighed. “You will at that, won’t you? Very well. Mark’s youngest has transformed and for some reason the Summer Warrior wants him dead.”

“David is a Mistwalker?” She stared at him. “Goodness me, he must have got it from his mother. Well if Gwen wants him dead that’s an excellent reason to keep him alive, isn’t it? Could you still pass my message on. The worst they can do is say no.”

Keran tilted his head at her. “You’ll owe me a favour for this,” he said finally. “Wait here. I’ll call my queen and see what she says.” He headed into a small office. Through the glass wall Colin could see him speaking to someone on the phone. The conversation went on for several minutes before he put the phone down and returned. “She’s going to talk to the Night King and see what he says. I’ll give you her answer at tomorrow’s class but I’m fairly sure your family will hear of this.” He turned to Colin. “And as for you, young werewolf, a one on one lesson tonight to see what you already know.”

A/N: Confirmed! The ebook of Haventon Born will be released 25th October. Keep an eye out for the release post and buy on release day if you can, please.

A/N 2: Torvawk, did you get my emails? I sent you something.

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