Lord of The Wolves Chapter Seven

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“David!” His mother hugged him tightly when she arrived with Philip and Emma. “Phil told me what’s been going on. Thank goodness you’re okay!” She pulled back and looked at his eyes. “Ah, yes. I can see the silver if I look. You do have my mother’s eyes and you need to get better at glamour. I never imagined you might be a Mistwalker. You never showed the slightest sign of a glamour affinity as a child and I was looking. I would have tried to contact mum if I’d known.”

“It’s okay, mum.” David hugged her back. “It caught us all by surprise. How are you doing?”

She hesitated. “I’m completely confused at the moment,” she said finally. “Half the time I want to curl up and die because Mark is dead and I don’t think I can live without him and the rest I want to shout my joy to the heavens because Emma is alive.” She clung to him harder and began sobbing against his shoulder. “I’m sorry, you need to be together with everything that’s going on.”

“You have every right to be in pieces in the circumstances, mum.” David helped her into the dining room and sat her down. “I’ll be okay.” He turned to Emma. “Hey, Em.”

Emma also hugged him fiercely. “Are you okay? Suddenly not being human is a shock to the system, I know.”

“It’s certainly interesting,” he said as Tanya poked her head out of the kitchen and called for someone to help her carry the plates. David and Emma hurried over and the three of them carried in plates and plates of pork chops and bowls of steaming vegetables.

“Help yourself, everyone,” Tanya said.

“Thanks, Tan.” Philip immediately began loading his plate. “This looks delicious.”

“Save some for Leisa and Michael,” Tanya said. “They are still calling around their kids. Just how many do they have?”

“Not that many,” Meredith said. “Though they also have various strugs like Emma who they’ve they’ve picked up who’ll they’ll be checking up on. It’s a bit of a running joke that is anyone was to start a boarding school for fledgling vampires it’d be Leisa and Michael. They won’t of course, can you imagine the logistics?”

“Leisa called me while I was sleeping according to mum,” Emma said. “Even though you’d told her I was coming with mum and Uncle Phil.”

“And you won’t be the only one who was sleeping,” Meredith said. “I rather suspect they are trying the real youngsters again now it’s nearly full dark.”

Philip, in the meantime, had turned to Liam who was seated next to him. “Your majesty, it is my honour to meet the Night King.”

Liam waved the formality aside. “My name is Liam, please use it. Kate and I don’t stand on ceremony unless we have to.”

Philip gave him a warm smile. “Only if you call me, Philip,” he replied. “And you must be regretting helping my nephew for the trouble it’s brought to The Court of Hours.”

“Not at all,” Liam said. “But its a pretty problem handling it diplomatically.”

“Yes,” Philip said. “Especially when he finds out that you’ve already informally allied with us.”

Liam frowned at that. “Apparently he already knows according to Keran. Oh, and you might want to reconsider sending Anna to his class.”

Philip gave a heavy sigh. “He’s taken another renegade student?”

“Apparently so.”

Philip scowled angrily. “I’ll concede the ones he takes keep to his rules but I still don’t understand why he takes them. He usually has better taste than that.” He turned to Anna who had looked up when Liam mentioned her name. “Do you think that you can?”

“Can I what?” she asked.

“Tan’s told you that she’s arranging Martial Arts lessons for you right?”

“Yeah, with some guy who knows about the supernatural world and takes supernatural students.,” she said. “He takes students from our enemies?”

“Keran will take any supernatural who will keep his rules as a student,” Liam said.

“And these renegades killed mum? And they eat people?” Anna bit her lip. “I-I’m not sure I want to be in a class with one of them.”

Philip walked around the table and knelt beside her. “I can understand that but if you’re willing and can keep from trying to kill him in class this might be a chance to get some intelligence. He’ll almost certainly try and convert you.”

“Especially if he finds out that you’re a seer,” Daniel said. “Maelin targets seers and healers for conversion. Like… its too-“

“She’s a seer?” Liam eyed Anna appraisingly. “That’s curious. Keran says the renegade boy is as well. He saw straight through his glamour. True seers are pretty rare among your kind, aren’t they?”

“I wouldn’t say rare but definitely uncommon,” Philip said.

“Uncommon enough that two about the same age in the same town, even this town seems unlikely?”

“Hmm…. usually yes,”Philip said. “Random seers are unusual but Karen was a seer too and the ability does run in families.”

“I’ll do it,” Anna said. “I want revenge for mum’s death now I know she was murdered. What are these rules I have to keep?”

“I still say it’s too dangerous,” Daniel said. “And not just to you. He’ll go after Jason to force you to join him if he realises he can’t convert you. I’m always shocked that he hasn’t come after me.” He looked at Philip. “I know everyone always tiptoes around the subject around me but if you want her to do this you have to tell her about Mum. She needs to know what she’s getting into.”

“Yes, I suppose we should,” Philip said. “It’s not a pretty tale though.”

“The most amazing bit,” Tanya said. “Is that any of us are alive. Do any of you remember Daniel’s mother?”

David thought back to when he was a child and remembered the tall, elegant woman who used to bring Daniel over. “Aunt Lucy! I remember her. She used to bring me sweets””

“Too many sweets as I recall,” his mother said.

“I remember her,” Jason said. “She vanished not long after mum died. I think that was why Dad moved us away. Did they do something to her as well.”

“You might say that,” Philip said grimly. “Lucy was the pack leader before me. She was also a skilled healer-“

“She put me to shame,” Daniel said.

“Maelin decided he wanted her.” Philip’s eyes and jaw tightened. “I’d say after he’d killed Karen there was zero chance of of her converting freely, but there was zero chance of that happening anyway. Lucy was one of the best people I have ever had the honour of knowing,”

“But Maelin didn’t take no for an answer?” David guessed.

Tanya pulled up her blouse to reveal a faint set of scars that looked more like they’d been made by talons than wolf claws. “I hadn’t long had my first change when he and his personal pack attacked our pack. They managed to take us all down. But he didn’t kill us even though he could, instead he made it clear to Lucy that he would unless she agreed to serve him for three months after which he would release her if he hadn’t changed her mind. She agreed to save our lives and he kept his word, which is kind of stunning.”

“She didn’t come back?” David asked.

“No,” Philip said. “Though we do run into her from time to time. We don’t know if he’s still threatening us or she’s got Stockholm Syndrome but my best guess is the former as she wasn’t the sort to fall victim to the latter.” He rubbed his forehead. “It’s awkward because she’s always so cool and polite.”

“So as well as avenging mum there’s an aunt to rescue,” Anna said. “I think I vaguely remember her. A tall, pretty lady who used to spend a lot of time with Mum.”

“That sounds like Lucy,” Philip said. “But that’s why Daniel says it’s dangerous.”

“Yes, but I don’t think flying under his radar is actually an option for me,” Anna said. “I’ll do it, but you do need to explain this Keran’s rules to me.”

“Nothing terrible,” Liam said. “Not to attack other student in class other than sparring and don’t reveal yourself to humans in a mixed classes.”

“You won’t be in a mixed class at first,” Philip said. “But eventually.”

“I think I can manage that,” Anna said.

“You know it might not be a bad idea for David to take lessons from Keran as well,” Liam said. “He needs to learn to defend himself from our kind Gwen is after him.”

“That’s a good idea,” Tanya said. “As long as Keran doesn’t have any students from the Court of Seasons at the moment.”

“He never does,” Liam said. “He’s got a few Seasonal types, but they are all from the Rebel Court. True Court students can’t keep his rules because Gwen insists they attack Rebel Court Mistwalkers on sight.” He made a thoughtful face. “You know the Rebel Court has some sort of relationship ““ I hesitate to call it an alliance ““ with Maelin. It’s how they survive having the entire wrath of the Court of Seasons aimed at them.”

David was about to ask who the Rebel Court were but before he could his mother leapt to her feet, fork clattering to her plate, and glared angrily at Liam.

“I won’t believe that!” she said. “My mother was Rebel Court and she would never have had anything to do with the renegades, nor would my father have married her if she did.”

“They don’t advertise it,” Liam said. “I think it embarrasses them. It’s not even that well known among our kind, so your father probably didn’t know. And it’s not certain what he gets from the relationship. It’s possible he does it for the sheer joy of frustrating Gwen. But like I said it’s not an alliance. The Rebel Court have always refused to either fight or spy for him.”

“I’m glad you added that last bit,” Philip said. “Because I like Lillian and would have hated too think she was a spy. But could that be why the Summer Warrior wants him dead? Because she’s assuming he’ll be a rebel like his grandmother?”

Liam shook his head. “No, Gwen would try and force him into the True Court first, and even if she thought that was impossible none of the lore keepers attacked him which if they were thinking of him as a rebel they would have done.” He scowled. “And that’s odd in itself. “Gwen apparently wants him dead but she hasn’t ordered the court to attack on sight. I’d expect her to, so why not?” He grimaced. “I wish this wasn’t a matter of life or death, so I could just enjoy unravelling the mystery.”

Before anyone could react to that they were interrupted by Leisa and Michael returning to the room looking serious.

“You couldn’t raise someone?” Liam asked.

“My most recent child, Laurel,” Michael said. “Hopefully it’s nothing since she has no connection to werewolves, positive or negative, that I know of, but it’s not like her not to answer. Of course it’s still vaguely twilight out there so she might well be asleep given how young she is, though she’s strong enough that I wouldn’t have thought so. We’ll check on her after full dark just in case.”

“On the up side everyone else is fine,” Leisa said. “And we double checked ““ no one else has any werewolf connections that they know of, so hopefully they’re safe from this enemy at least.”

“But just in case she has attacked Laurel would you accompany us to visit her?” Michael asked Liam. “I mean if she is afflicted by some sort of elf-shot you’ll be able to tell, right?”

“Of course I’ll come along,” he said. “And I will know if it is, though I doubt I’ll be able to help if it is. I have no idea how you would even effect a vampire with elf-shot. It usually only works on humans.”

“No, but I bet James could work out how to fix it given time,” Penny said. “He’s an expert on elf-shot after all.”

“Possibly, yes,” Liam said. “I think it would startle even him, but he probably would be able to work out a cure though. He’s the Day Herald, I’ll ask Kate to send him if needed.”

“What’s elf-shot?” David asked.

“You know how Mistwalkers can make people sick or paralyse them?” Tanya asked.

David thought back to the brief overview of other supernaturals he’d had from the Order then nodded. “Will I be able to do that?”

“People used to think it was caused by them firing arrows at the victim,” Tanya said. “Hence the name elf-shot. And as I understand it, yes, all Mistwalkers can use elf-shot.”

“Actually some people do use arrows, but it’s not necessary. But Tan’s quite right ““ it’s a power we all have. Since you can’t use it unintentionally, so we teach it later.”

“I see.” David didn’t want to think about why anyone might be using a weapon that was only usable against humans though he knew he should.

“Usually it’s for self-defence,” Penny said. David stared at her and she grinned. “It was obvious from your face what you were thinking.”

“It’s also used to undo the effects of an elf-shot attacks,” Meredith said. “I’ve seen Jas do that.”

“I think I like your friend,” Penny said before turning back to Liam. “Tyler and I have something to tell you. Something happened and I have an idea but he thinks it’s too dangerous.” She told him about Gwen’s phone call and her idea to act as a double agent.

“Too dangerous is an understatement, Pen.” Liam scowled at the ceiling. “But if know Gwen she won’t take no for an answer so you’re in danger either way, so we don’t have much choice. So the question is how to make it as undangerous as possible. I don’t want you hurt, my herald.”

Penny blinked in surprise. “You’re really worried if you’re getting all formal on me.”

“Of course I’m worried, Pen,” he said. “You’re my friend. See if you can string her along without her getting angry while Kate and I figure out how to protect you while you”re doing this.”

“I can manage that,” Penny said. “As long as it isn’t for too long. She seemed to understand that I’d be hesitant.”

“Is the Summer Warrior really that dangerous?” Philip asked.

“Probably even more,” Liam said. “Our kind are potentially immortal but between the occasional inter-court wars and the fact that a lot of humans used to know how to kill us we rarely live more than a couple of centuries. That’s how come I’m the Night King in my twenties. My predecessor fell foul of a human who knew how to stop him. From what I know he deserved it. Gwen is over two thousand years old and she’s mostly managed to hold the Court of Seasons together in spite of the Summer throne being empty and the Winter King being maimed and Warriorless… and that’s without considering that fact that both Seasonal Heralds are resolutely Rebel Court. She’s had a lot of time and reason to hone her skills.”

“So the Winter King is ancient as well?”

Liam snorted. “He is but he’s not really dangerous. If it wasn’t for Gwen he’d have died long ago. He’s maimed and can’t leave the Mists, or even his castle. He doesn’t even have a Warrior to lead his armies. There hasn’t been a Winter Warrior since Eseld died just around the time the Summer Throne fell vacant. He’s completely reliant on Gwen. Much as I dislike her I’ll give her this much credit. She’s remained loyal to the task fate set her centuries ago in very difficult circumstances.”

“Unless the Rebel Court are right and she engineered those circumstances for some reason,” Michael said drily.

“You know an awful lot about our politics,” Liam said. “You’re clearly weren’t a Mistwalker when you were alive so I’m going to hazard a guess that you were a spectral hunter at some point.”

“At the worst possible point,” Michael admitted wryly. “It got me killed but I got better.”

“Ah!” Liam said. “I know who you are then, presuming Michael really is your name.”

“It is, and you probably do,” Michael said. “So did you recruit the guy who killed the previous Night King? Or was he already a hunter?”

Ha!” Liam said. “No, he wasn’t a hunter, but I didn’t recruit him. I was only fourteen at the time and had neither emerged or joined the Order. My predecessor on the Council did though and then the guy recruited and trained me. He’s a good friend actually ““ he realised I was a Mistwalker before I did and helped me through my transformation.” He looked at his watch. “It’ll be full dark soon, so let’s finish eating and head out to your kid’s place.”

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