Sorry, Peeps, but this is a begging post.

December 21st, 2015  |  Published in News  |  9 Comments

Hi Readers,

As the title says this is a begging post. Sorry about that but it’s got to be done.

As you may know I was made redundant in June 2014 and ever since I’ve been bouncing from temporary job to temporary for the eighteen month since. This is exhausting and stressful in a way that a stable job never was and it’s really cutting into my writing time. This is why Dragon Wars installments are so much shorter now and why Damkina and Haventon are fortnightly not weekly.

To make matters worse my most recent temporary job just ended right before Christmas and my savings are virtually gone. I am looking for work, I have great experience, an excellent CV and have some interviews lined up but there’s no guarantees and this is bloody scary.

There has never been a better time for my writing to start to paying for itself.

So if you want to pledge a few pennies to my Patreon I’ve updated the goals as follows (Note these are total monthly pledges not per person pledges):

$25/month: This target will pay for the website costs  – kind of important if I am to keep posting. Currently The Haventon Chronicles Book 2 and The Whisper of Damkina are serializing on Wednesdays on alternate weeks. Once we reach $25/month total subscriptions and the first month has gone in I will start posting both of them weekly again.

$50/month: Now we’re covering my internet and phone costs as well. Once we reach this level of  support I will post a chapter of Shattered – my traditional fantasy WIP on Patreon once a month for Patrons only.

$100/month: While far from any livable target this is the level where my writing is paying for itself. This will cover not only the website costs but also the costs of preparing my books for publication. At this point I will start up Shattered installments to once a fortnight on Patreon and begin publishing it monthly on the website.

$250/month:  This is the point at which you begin to impact my day to expenses while far from enough live on this amount of money would allow me to start saving more money for emergencies. Patrons will now get Shattered weekly and it will be released fortnightly on the website.

Now if you don’t want to make a monthly pledge but would like to send me a one off tip as a Christmas gift I do I have paypal (You can see the link in the top corner) and am offering a few perks to encourage you.

  • All people who donate will receive a mention on the update page and a thank you email.
  • If you tip £3 or more you can also have your choice of one my ebooks emailed to you.
  • If you tip £10 or more you will get a thank you card in the post from me.
  • If you’re really generous and tip £25 or more I will send you a signed paperback edition of one of my books with enclosed thank you card.

Or of course you can buy my books from Amazon and other places.  Links for Haventon. Links for Dragon Wars.

If you can’t afford monetary support that’s fine. I really understand being short of money.

  • Tell your friends how much you love my work ( and tell your enemies you hate it so they’ll read it to spite you).
  • Review my work in the venue of your choice.
  • Offer your services – Trix and Torvawk really help by doing beta reading and Tony who does my ebook formatting saves me a packet.
  • Just keep reading. Readers make me happy. Comment if you want.

Whatever you can do to help I love all my readers. Thank you and Merry Christmas!



9 Responses to “Sorry, Peeps, but this is a begging post.”

  1. White Tiger says:

    Hey hun, keep your chin up. You’re a brilliant writer. I’ve been putting off buying Dragon Wars Saga book 1 for a while. Now seems like a good time. Merry Christmas!!!

    P.s. what kind of job are you looking for and where abouts?

    • Rebecca Sutton says:

      Thanks! 😀 Merry Christmas to you as well

      I’m looking for customer service/call centre or admin work in the North Staffordshire area of the UK.

      • White Tiger says:

        Thanks!! ???? North Staffordshire is a little far south for my local knowledge (Scottish Borders), but is a good place to keep an eye on. Hope you find something soon!

      • Rebecca Sutton says:

        Thanks for the site rec.

        You’re in the Borders? What part? I’ll be in Scotland next week visiting friends a little north of you in West Lothian. Want to meet up?

      • White Tiger says:

        Cool I live rather rurally near a place call Kelso. Your brave travelling so close to Christmas!! Not sure what I’m doing next week but I’ll let you know soon. It would be so cool if we could meet up. ????

      • Rebecca Sutton says:

        Great! I’ve checked with my friend and he says Kelso is about 60 miles from Livingston so it’s doable if you’re free.

  2. White Tiger says:

    Hey, hope you had a good Christmas and travelled safely. It looks like we won’t be able to meet up this time. I’m sorry, I was looking forward to it. Happy New Year and travel safe ???? Watch out for the flooding here.

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